Kakao ganache & hallonbakelse *raw*

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1/2 C Almonds, ground fine
2 T Cacao
1 T Coconut Butter or Coconut Oil
1 T Agave
Combine all ingredients and pat 1/4 inch layer into the ring mold.


1/2 C Cacao Powder
1/2 C Agave
1/4 C Coconut Butter*, softened
Whisk together all ingredients

Assembly order:

... 1 Pint raspberries
... Crust
... Ganache

Oil ring mold and sprinkle with cacao powder.
Pat crust into 3 ” ring mold (bottenlös) to make a crust 1/4″ thick. Press hard to make solid. Top with a thin layer of the ganache. Top the ganache with a layer of raspberries, then fill with ganache to 1/2″ from top of mold. Top with raspberries. Refrigerate until firm, carefully un-mold, pushing up from the bottom. Makes 1 tart, serves 3. You can double the recipe if more is needed but you will need another ring mold.

*Coconut Butter is not the same as coconut oil.

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