Apelsinchoklad-cheesecake *raw*

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1 C Almonds*
1/4 C Cacao Powder
3 Dates
Combine all ingredients in the food processor. Process until ground fine. Mixture should hold together when pressed. If it doesn’t, add water, 1 T at a time until texture is achieved. Set aside 1/4 C. Press remaining into bottom of 6″ spring form pan. Place in refrigerator.

*I always pre-soak all my almonds and dry them as soon as I get them.


3 Oranges (make sure you have very good oranges)
2/3 C Agave
2 1/2 C Cashews (soaked at least 3 hours)
3/4 C Coconut Butter
1/2 t. Sweet Orange Essential Oil (optional as it is not raw but still very healthy)
Grate the zest off of all the oranges. You should have at least 3 T. Be careful to only get the orange part as the pith (the white) is bitter. Squeeze the juice out of all the oranges. You should have about 2/3 C. Place cashews, agave, coconut butter, zest, essential oil, and agave and orange juice in the food processor and process until very smooth. Pour over crust, sprinkle extra crust on top and refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving.

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