Mango in passion

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  30 min
 Svårighet: Lätt
3 mangoes
3 passion fruits
2 Qranges
1 small pineapple
Peel the mangoes with a small, sharp knife.
Slice off one end. Let it stand tall and slice
off the sides, close to the stone. Half the
passion fruit, and scrape the pulp directly
into the juicer. Remove the peel on the orange
(A bit of pith left is perfectly ok.) Remove the
top of the pineapple. Remove the peel while
the pineapple is upright on a cutting board.
Part it along the middle. Part it along the
middle once more so you are left with 4 long
pieces. Now it is easy to remove the stalk in
the middle. Cut all pieces so they fit in
the juicer.

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